IDgenetix® Test Sample Collection Steps

PGx Test Kit

PGx Testing Process

While the Science Behind Each IDgenetix® Test is Complex, the Process for Providing Personalized Medicine to Each Patient is Designed to be Simple

doctor swabbing a patients mouth

Step 1

  • Collect DNA Sample Rinse mouth with water. 
  • While applying pressure, vigorously stroke both swab tips across both inner cheeks and gums for 40 seconds, similar to active teeth brushing. 
  • Twirl the swabs occasionally during the process to collect DNA on both swab tip surface areas. 
doctor consulting a patient about using a pgx test kit

Step 2

  • Provide Necessary Information On Barcode Sticker A, write patient name and date of birth. 
  • Place it on the Swab Container. 
  • For at-home sample collection, please review and sign Patient Consent Form.
doctor opening up pgx test kits for patient

Step 3

  • Return the PGx Collection Kit by placing the collected sample and all forms into the collection kit box. 
  • Send it with provided prepaid FedEx label within 24 hours.

Note to Physicians: We encourage using our Provider Portal, however for hand-written orders, remember to place Barcode Sticker B on the Test Requisition Form (TRF) and include Insurance Forms when sending back the Test Kit

Speak to a Representative

Please register below or contact our customer service center at 855-697-4943 or to set up an online account and obtain IDgenetix® sample collection kits.

Please note: At this time, only clinicians can order IDgenetix directly. If you are a patient looking to try IDgenetix, please consult your local mental health provider.