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Personalized Pharmacogenetic Testing for Mental Health.

IDgenetix® uses a comprehensive genetic analysis known as pharmacogenetic testing to help you match patients with the right medication, and identify drug-drug interactions to help improve medication response and remission rates.

The IDgenetix® pharmacogenetic testing report is designed with two simple classifications that clinicians can use to guide medication choices.

“Use as Directed”

 Among the genes analyzed, no genetic variants or metabolic interactions were identified that would suggest a need for increased caution or dose adjustments for medications in this category.

“Use with Caution and/or Increased Monitoring”

One or more genetic variants or metabolic interactions have been identified that would indicate a need for increased caution, dose adjustment or selection of alternate medication.

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How the IDgenetix® Pharmacogenetic Testing Process is Personalized

After the initial consultation with your patient, the IDgenetix® test kit can be sent to your office or to the patient’s home for their convenience. The patient’s DNA sample is then sent to a Pharmacogenetic lab where the sample is processed and our bioinformatics analytics are applied.

This simply means that multiple data sets are combined and analyzed, including drug-gene interactions, drug-drug interactions, patient demographics, FDA labeling, clinical guidelines, and lifestyle factors. The results are personalized recommendations to help you and your patient create a treatment action plan.

There are a few other learnings in the IDgenetix® Test Report to help make this a personalized experience for your patient. The report also shows:

01. Current Medications

Medications the patient is currently taking are highlighted in black.

02. Drug-Drug Interactions:

The list of patient medications provided at the time of testing is used to display potential metabolic interactions with medications evaluated in the test panel.

03. Genetic Profile

People generally fall into 1 of 4 metabolizer types called “Phenotypes”. These are simply grouping of people who metabolize medicines in a similar way. The IDgenetix® Test Report includes the patient’s phenotype: poor metabolizer (PM), intermediate metabolizer (IM), extensive metabolizer or normal (EM), or ultrarapid metabolizer (UM).

04. BEERS Criteria

The IDgenetix® report also identifies drugs that are potentially inappropriate for use in older adults due to risk of anticholinergic effects or risk for falls.

How to Read the IDgenetix® Test Report

To make use of the report insights, the IDgenetix® Pharmacogenetic Test Report is broken out into 3 main sections:

The IDgenetix® Test Report shows medications that are either “Use as Directed” or “Use with Caution and/or Increased Monitoring”. The Test Report is separated by disease states such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Pain. Clinicians can quickly identify which conditions are most relevant to inform medications choices.

The Pharmacogenetic Testing Report displays genes, genetic variants analyzed, and the patient’s genetic variant result.

The last page of the Test Report is the summary and comment section. It explains the key term like “Use as Directed” or “Use as Caution”, the acronyms discussed, and genetic variations’ impact on medication choices.

Understanding the IDgenetix® Test Report


Drug Classes



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Disease Indications

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How to Integrate Pharmacogenetic Testing into Your Clinical Workflow

As a clinician, you know matching medications to individual patients through trial and error can be a lengthy process. 

Many people who are on multiple medications, may experience drug-drug interactions, or have genetic variations that can change the way drugs are metabolized. This can lead to adverse effects or medications being less efficacious. With all this complexity, finding an effective medication can take months or years. That is why we recommend PGx testing to help doctors prescribe medications efficiently and effectively.

Here are the tools you need to help improve your practice efficiencies and patient outcomes:

IDgenetix® Test Report

The IDgenetix® test report personalizes medication choices by helping to eliminate ineffective treatment options.

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Provider Portal

Our online portal offers an efficient way to request test kits, assign order assistants, and view PGx test reports online. Test reports should be saved in your clinic’s patient medical record.

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Drug Lists

Our proprietary PGx testing includes 127 medications and 26 drug classes in 10 disease indications. Our drug list can help you quickly identify all the medications that are included in the report.


Gene Tables

Getting to know the genes can help you understand the medication categories – green or yellow. The IDgenetix® test includes 15 genes in the panel. Get to know the role of each gene to improve and apply your PGx knowledge.

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IDgenetix® Tests Are Developed Utilizing High Quality Standards

  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • PGx Testing is performed by state-licensed clinical laboratory scientists
  • HIPAA compliant storage of all protected healthcare information (PHI)

AltheaDx is a CLIA Certified, CAP Accredited Molecular Pharmacogenomics Clinical Laboratory. IDgenetix® testing is offered in all 50 states.

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