How Can PGx Testing Help Your Long-Term Care Facility?
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IDgenetix® is an Advanced Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Test that Improves the Chances of Getting a Response or Remission.

Can IDgenetix® Help Long-Term Care Facilities Improve Their Quality Rating?

For patients staying more than 100 days, the 9 quality measures for long-term stays include:

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Long-Term Care Facility Scenario

Facility Overview

200 residents in an assisted living facility, providing round-the-clock care to seniors with varying degrees of independence and physical/emotional requirements. You received a multitude of F-740 tags regarding behavioral health care concerns. The majority of the residents were being treated with multiple antipsychotic medications, which led to a lengthy GDR list and frustration among caregivers. The facility’s Medicare rating was 3/5 stars due, in part, to behavioral health infractions.

Clinician Action

The facility’s Psychiatric Physician Assistant ordered pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing for many of the residents on their GDR list. Utilizing the guidance of the IDgenetix® report, the clinician was able to streamline the medication management of these patients by selecting optimal psychiatric treatment regimens that work with the patients’ genetics.


With these changes to the facility’s psychiatric medication management protocol, the facility was able to decrease their F-tag violations immediately and their GDR list was reduced by half.


“Use as Directed” Medications: Among the genes analyzed, no genetic variants or metabolic interactions were identified that would suggest a need for increased caution or dose adjustments.


“Use with Caution and/or Increased Monitoring Medications:” One or more genetic variants or metabolic interactions have been identified that would indicate a need for increased caution, dose adjustment or selection of alternate medication.


Medications the patient is 3 currently taking are highlighted.


The list of patient medications provided at the time of testing is used to display potential metabolic interactions with medications evaluated in the test panel.


Genes, Genotype/Diplotype: Genes and genetic variants analyzed and the patient’s genetic variant result.


Predicted drug metabolism phenotype. *See back of PGx test for the definition of different metabolizer phenotypes.


Clinically significant: “Yes” indicates genetic variant impacts one or more messages in Use with Caution.

Access is Available to Your Long Term Care Facility Residents on Medicare

You will have a $0 out of pocket cost.

You might have to cover a portion of the cost. (typically $330 or less)

Out-of-Network plans vary, but you may be expected to cover a portion of the cost (typically $330 or less). In-Network claims are subject to applicable co-pay, co insurance, and deductible amounts. AltheaDx is in-network with the Multiplan Network; your insurance provider/insurance ID card will indicate the specific network (i.e., MultiPlan, PHCS, Beech Street, AMN/HMN/RAN, IHP or ValuePoint).

Normally, you will have a $0 out of pocket cost.

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