Camille and IDgenetix®

Camille’s Mental Health Story

Camille Schrier graduated with honors from Virginia Tech with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Biochemistry and Systems Biology. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University.  While Camille was succeeding academically, she was also pursuing other dreams. In June of 2019, Camille was named Miss Virginia and then earned the job of representing our country as Miss America in 2020. 

But for all her success, Camille spent over 10 years dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety, not to mention a challenging genetic illness that put her through intense bouts of pain. 

20% of all Americans struggle with a mental illness, and the statistics are only worsening year over year.  Yet just like Camille, many struggle unnecessarily with side effects or lack of medication response.  All these factors make it hard to achieve remission if patients are relying on trial and error versus applying the science of genetics and precision medicine.

Camille and IDgenetix®

Camille is teaming up with IDgenetix® to share the story of how pharmacogenomic testing can help physicians better match patients to medication and make a life-changing difference in achieving remission and response.

If pharmacogenomics can help one of the brightest stars in patient advocacy in mental health and pain, maybe it can help you too.

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