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IDgenetix® is Precision Medicine Made Easy for Mental Health

Before you start or switch an antidepressant medication, offer your patients the possibility of a >2.5x Chance of Remission vs. Standard of Care.

A True Story of Hope
Camille Schrier’s Mental Health Journey

Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020, struggled for 10 years with depression, anxiety, and medication side effects. Camille is partnering with IDgenetix® to tell her story of how pharmacogenomics may help better match medications to patients. It’s a breakthrough way to further inform physicians to shift away from trial and error and increase their chances of reducing side effects, medication response or achieving remission for their patients. Check out Camille’s story to see if pharmacogenomics can help patients like you too.

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Setting the Standard in Comprehensive, Tailored, Pharmacogenomic Testing

3 in 1 PGx Testing

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Drug Classes

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ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Migraine, Musculoskeletal Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Psychosis, Seizure Disorder


Disease Indications

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The IDgenetix® report is designed with two simple classifications that clinicians can use to guide medication choices.

“Use as Directed”

 Among the genes analyzed, no genetic variants or metabolic interactions were identified that would suggest a need for increased caution or dose adjustments for medications in this category.

“Use with Caution and/or Increased Monitoring”

One or more genetic variants or metabolic interactions have been identified that would indicate a need for increased caution, dose adjustment or selection of alternate medication.

IDgenetix® is built on a privacy
safe foundation.

At IDgenetix® your data and insights belong to you.  Our HPAA compliant process gives you confidence in the data privacy and best in class lab technology – and that’s confidence you can pass on to your patients. AltheaDx is a CLIA Certified, CAP Accredited Molecular Pharmacogenomics Clinical Laboratory.  IDgenetix® testing is offered in all 50 states.

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